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Old Facility Arena Project

Phase I is preparing and enhancements to property.

Since the beginning of the project on November 4, 2017, the property has gone through a huge transition.  This is what has been accomplished so far:

Demolition was complete on November 4, 2017
Excavation started on November 20, 2017
Delivery of 3 new horse sheds December 9, 2017
Excavation finished December 11, 2017
Construction of new pens began on December 13, 2017
New pens and sheds are in place and horses are home.
500lbs of fertilizer, 350lbs of pasture seed and 6,500sq yards of corrosion control blanket is down. April 28, 2018
We are watching the grass grow.  April 29,2018
Outdoor arena setup. June 9,2018
Water main extended from street onto property September 28, 2018
Storm water connection for front area September 28, 2018
Received a $5,000 grant from Ash Grove Charitable Foundation November 26, 2018
Build last 2 pens. December 13, 2018
Boyscouts installed flag pole bases December 22, 2018
Received a $5,000 grant from Omaha Venture Group May 30, 2019
Concrete feedline was installed July 2019
Concrete first have of driveway August 2019
Sun Valley donated materials and installation of the flag pole landscaping

CLICK HERE to see the companies that helped make this happen.

What's next?  

Automatic Waterers.  Estimated cost is $5,500.00.  On average we spend over $3,000 a year on wasted water that gets dumped to clean tanks weekly and electricity for the tank heaters.  Automatic waterers do not need to be cleaned weekly and do not require any electricity.  This will also allow the volunteers to spend more time fulfilling our mission rather than cleaning and filling water tanks.

Perimeter fence.  Estimated cost $8,000.00.  We have designed a perimeter fence which will allow us to have multiple pastures.  The horses can be turned out for exercise and some good fresh pasture hay.

Please partner with us by making a 100% tax deductible donation.  We appreciate all your support.

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