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Unfinished Business

A program that gives closure and allows healing to begin.

This program offers a unique approach to grief counseling. Using horses as counselors and therapists, participants are given the opportunity to open up and talk about their feelings in a stress free environment. Horses are good, thoughtful and respectful listeners and they have big shoulders for crying and hugging. They are not judgmental and never ask “how you feel.”

Each session operates like an introductory lesson. Participants are introduced to horses and learn that horses are prey animals and are hard-wired to fear humans. Each session includes the opportunity to get to know the horses, enter their stall, catch the horse by placing a halter over its head, hook on the lead rope and lead him from the stall. Participants are taught how to lead the horse through various obstacles, and get acquainted with their horse. In future sessions, participants expand on these basics and learn how to groom and saddle and, eventually, ride. Each session provides important building blocks that build self confidence, boost self esteem and give the participant strength to tackle new challenges. We recommend at least four sessions, if possible.

An important, and not to be overlooked, by-product is that for many, these activities release endorphins, nature’s powerful sedative that allows participants to look at their world differently and get a good night’s sleep, essential to healing heart, body and soul.

Donations and grants help us offer programs like these at discounted rates to those who have served, are serving and their families.  Please consider donating today.

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