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How To Help


They are our lifeblood. They are why we are able to do what we do.

Volunteer positions:

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General duties of all volunteers:

  • Maintaining a neat stable area
    • Cleaning paddocks, sheds and pens
    • Ensuring tack room, meeting room and bathroom are clean
  • Safe handling of equipment and horses
  • Interaction with the public, providing information on programs and safety precautions to visitors and other volunteers
  • Follow instructions; able to work individually or as a team with other volunteers
  • Lifting up to 40lbs
    • Hay bales, wheelbarrows, manure buckets, water buckets, saddles
    • Various duties involve lifting
  • Grounds Maintenance
    • Assisting with fence mending or building repair
    • Picking up trash
  • Performing other daily chores on volunteer chore list
  • Regular attendance at volunteer training and meetings

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