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Heating Arena and Barn

Having an indoor facility to offer our programs year-round was a dream come true.  The arena is not completely insulated and is heated with a very old, outdated, loud, and not energy-efficient heater. Working with clients who are special needs or have hearing loss due to serving our country or communities, it is already challenging to communicate during a session.  Add a loud heater to the equation, the challenge becomes greater.

The barn area is not heated or insulated.  Water buckets in the stalls, and water hose freeze, and the horses that stay in the barn must be blanketed.  The grain room needs to be heated to keep the grain and additives from freezing and cannot be scooped to feed.  The future wash bay going in the barn will need to be heated as well.

We have received several estimates from local companies, and our lowest estimate was $69,000.00.  

We are looking for a company to partner with us to help build the retaining wall.  Any amount is greatly appreciated.  In return, we will offer advertising on our website, and social media, signage along the wall, a plaque on our business partner wall in our viewing room, and a team-building event with the horses.  

Please call Tony Barnes, Executive Director, at 402-201-1869 or email him at to set up a meeting.

Quote includes:
►    Provide and install tube heaters, unit heaters, exhaust fan and Big Ass Fans per budget drawing.
►    Provide and install thermostats and control wiring as required.
►    Provide 2 psig gas piping to proposed equipment from existing gas meter.
►    Provide and install line voltage wiring from existing electrical panel to proposed equipment.
Excludes: Upgrade of existing electrical panel if required.

Our Partners