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Emergency Retaining Wall Rebuild

The retaining wall, that surrounds the West and North part of the indoor riding arena where our therapy sessions are held, is starting to buckle.  We need to replace the entire wall asap.  This is what holds the foundation of the building in place.  If we lose the wall the arena will not be useable and our Veterans, First Responders, and special needs we serve will no longer be able to attend sessions.  

We have received several estimates from local companies, and our lowest estimate was $34,000.00.  

We are looking for a company to partner with us to help build the retaining wall.  Any amount is greatly appreciated.  In return, we will offer advertising on our website, and social media, signage along the wall, a plaque on our business partner wall in our viewing room, and a team-building event with the horses.  

Please call Tony Barnes, Executive Director, at 402-201-1869 or email him at to set up a meeting.

Quote includes:

T-190 Skid Loader (tracks) 10.00 HR
Railroad Tie Wall Removal (Machine) 30.00 YD
Disposal 50.00 YD
Mini - Ex 8.00 HR
Hardscape Install (pre-cast stone) 
SRW Base Excavation (Hand) 195.00 LF
SRW 6" Compacted Base 195.00 LF
SRW Base Run Block Installation 195.00 LF
SRW Wall Excavation (Machine) 30.00 YD
SRW Block Installation 760.00 SF
SRW 6" Backfill Installation 760.00 SF
SRW Straight Cap Installation 195.00 LF
Vertica Pro 4" Straight Caps 140.00 EA
Vertica Pro 8" Straight Block 930.00 EA
Vertica Pro 8" Straight Return Corner 10.00 EA
Mini - Ex 8.00 HR
Grading & Seeding 
Fine Grade (Hand) 2,500.00 SF
Seed: RTF Fescue (10#/new, 4#/overseed) 25.00 LB
Description: Qty: U/M: Total:
Erosion Mat - Installed 2,500.00 SF
Rip-Rap 2.00 Ton

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