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Emergency Roof Repair

The roof in the stall area, entry, common area and arena leaks to the point buckets are needed.  The roof above the ramp area where we mount and dismount our client's leaks which will ruin the ramp over time and our clients get wet when waiting to ride.  Horses in their stalls are getting wet which also soaks the shavings that are intended to keep the horse's hooves dry.  If that isn't bad enough, the roof leaking between the insulation and the rafters will eventually rot the rafters and cause significant damage to the building structure.

We have received many quotes to refasten the roof, seal the roof and reinstate the roof.

We are looking for a company to partner with us to help build the retaining wall.  Any amount is greatly appreciated.  In return, we will offer advertising on our website, and social media, signage along the wall, a plaque on our business partner wall in our viewing room, and a team-building event with the horses.  

Please give Tony Barnes, Executive Director a call at 402-201-1869 or email him at to setup a meeting.

Quote includes:
This roof is warranted against leaks for a period of (20) years. Warranty covers materials and labor. This is a non- prorated warranty.

Pressure Cleaning
Thoroughly Clean Substrate 10000.00 SF

Anchor Points 20.00 EA
Pound in Nails/Replace as Needed 10000.00 SF
Install Plywood
Cover/Reinforce Skylights 6.00 EA

Polyurethane Foam 1.5 inch
HIGH-DENSITY 2.8 lbs./cubic ft., Closed-Cell Foam 10000.00 SF

Benchmark Base Coat (Spray Foam)
Resistant to Acid Rain, Air Pollutants and Ultraviolet Degradation, the Ultimate Combination of Flexibility
and Strength.  10000.00 SF

Puma XL Top Coat
Advanced-Technology Premium Polyurethane Modified Acrylic Roof Coating w/ a Highly Reflective Bright
White Finish.  10000.00 SF

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