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One of the stipulations the City of Omaha gave us when we applied and was approved for our Special Use Permit, we have to pave from the street to the barn and the parking log prior to being fully operational.  We have started the process by adjusting the front pens to make room for the new parking lot and have received bids from several companies.  

This project will allow better wheelchair accessibility and easier/safer for all to enter the facility.  The new parking area will include handicapped stalls.  In order for us to become fully functional, we need to complete the project asap.  A quote from a company we have used before was for $142,825.00.

We are looking for a company to partner with us to help build the retaining wall.  Any amount is greatly appreciated.  In return, we will offer advertising on our website, and social media, signage along the wall, a plaque on our business partner wall in our viewing room, and a team-building event with the horses.  

Please give Tony Barnes, Executive Director a call at 402-201-1869 or email him at to set up a meeting.

Quote includes

Pour concrete in all discussed areas. All concrete will be poured to the following specs.
22,852 yards of concrete
L10 6.5 4000 psi
5” thick
Rebar reinforced
Crushed rock sub base
Sawcut joints
Broom finished
Will be poured in sections to maintain quality control.

Our Partners